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A1278 INTEL CORE I 5 4GB 1 TB Anno 2012

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Features: 1.SoftWDR: Can make adaptive amendment for lighting compensation,enhance the contrast ratio for each pixel in the digital image. For a variety of outdoor, access and other hardlight and backlight situations, all the image details of the image can be processed very well. 2.Face Detection:Can automatically detect the human face, capture the face image and store in database,easy search to increase the search efficiency,Mean while,can trigger alarm, such as auto rotate and zoom camera,buzzer,send e-mail , send SMS and so on. 3.Abandoned Object Detection: Auto trigger for any suspious motor vehicle or other target objects which stopped over a certain time ,auto trigger for the items such as explosives and parcels which are deliberately placed in region setted. 4.Missing Object Detection: When selected targets have been removed, replaced, or covered , system will trigger alarm .This function could be used to protect the property safety. 5.Advanced Motion Detection: .Can set the motion detection in several areas, when there are people or object motion in these areas, system will trigger alarm. 6.Picture in Picture Function:Support PIP display and the PIP function can be triggered by the intelligent analysis function . 7.Privacy Mask: Mask the place where don’t want to be seen in the video. Guard line crossing detection & object courting: Retrograde detection: Missing Object Detection: Abandoned Object Detection: Face Detection: Video Demo Face Detect MissingObject Detect Suspicious Object Detec WDR Specification Item No UC-2208 Video input 8-Channel Video standard PAL/NTSC Display speed 240 fps (PAL) / 200 fps (NTSC) Recording solution 352*288 (PAL), 320*240 (NTSC) Recording mode Motion detection / Video lost detection / Continuous / Alarm / Intelligent Schedule recording Searching mode Smart searching by year, date and time Data storage 150M/Hour/Channel Display sequential 1/4/6/9/16 Duplex mode Live video, recording, Playback, Alarm, Backup simultaneously PTZ control PELCO-D, PELCO-D etc Remote monitoring Remote inspect through IE browser, Client Software Remote transmit LAN, PSTN, ISDN, DDN, ADSL, INTERNET Operating system WINDOWS XP, 2003, 2000,7 Operating interface English/Chinese System requirement CPU Intel Dual Core 2.0 or above Memory 512M or above Graphic Card Independent graphics card, 128M memory or above Motherboard Suggest Intel chipset motherboard HDD HDD capacity is larger than 60GB and recording requires about 60-120MB per hour per channel Power Suggest 350W Greatwall Power supply